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Save on operational cost and improve your PAR. SEVI enables micro lenders like MFIs, suppliers, banks and e-commerce platforms to provide group loans to their clients at low cost and low risk.

Sevi tremendously improves the groups hope as a mobile lending platform. The individual businesses of the groups are inspired through Sevi and the group is looking forward to bigger and better loans to expand on their business ventures.
Isabel Atwol Omucheni
Waingo Women Empowerment
I like that Sevi makes information about your loan easily accessible. Interest rates, loan terms and limits, are all outlined clearly in the app. I also like that early loan repayment attracts more trust points which in turn increases the loan amounts accessible for individual borrowing and group limits.
Lorna Maureen Odwar
Money Group

Pay in Instalments smartphone app and fund to enable companies to sell on credit and grow their business.

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